Kylie Cosmetics Review

By Samantha Webb. 

From the first stock of the Kylie costemic website to the last one I’ve been there. Waiting at my computer, hoping that I might snag the limited edition makeup items (still can’t get my hands on that peach pallet). Over the past year I have slowly built my collection from Kylie Cosmetics, lipkits and the eyeshadow has to be my favorite. My love for the makeup brand goes much further then my love for Kylie Jenner, I am truly impressed by the product produced.

The Bronze Palette ($42)

My favorite palette is The Bronze Palette, it contains shades perfect for any skin tone. This palette has all the shades that you could need for an everyday look! The shadows are all creamy and pigmented, this makeup is no disappointment. I feel that a lot of celebrities will stamp their name on a crappy product just for the money but Kylie Jenner is nothing like that, she puts time and effort into every product she makes and I admire that. 

Kylie Brush Set ($35)

To go along with the Bronze Palette, I bought a set of eyeshadow brushes. These brushes are by far some of the best brushes I have ever tried, they are soft and blend eyeshadow very well. I will admit that when I first opened the package that contained the brushes, their was a strong chemical smell that seemed to seep into both the bag and the brushes. After I aired out both items, and washed them with a deep cleanser, the brushes were perfect. I highly recommend purchasing this brush set. 

One item I did not like was the gloss. I purchased one of Kylie Cosmetics glosses in So Cute ($15) when I placed my very first order. I felt that the gloss was too thick and sticky, and that there was so much weight on the applicator that it started to bend in different directions. Out of all thing on the Kylie Cosmetics website, I do not recommend purchasing a gloss unless you truly love thick glosses. 

Lipkits in “Exposed”, “Candy K”, “Koko K” ($29)

I am just going to say it, Koko K is my favorite Lipkit of all time, it is the perfect shade of pink and nude. Kylie’s formula does have similarities to colourpop, but it dries faster and in my opinion lasts longer. Lipkits are the staple of the Kylie Cosmetics brand and I hope each one of you can eventually get your hands on one. 

I hope to upload a post filled with swatches and more information on each product very soon! 

I hope you have an amazing day! Check back tomorrow for a new post. xSamantha. 


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