My Second Instagram Account 

By Samantha Webb. 

Earlier this month I decided to break away from my old Instagram account I’ve had since 2012 and make a new one. I did not want to feel the pressure to post pictures that my peers would approve which was a common problem I felt with my orginal account. I wanted this Instagram account to show the real me, my love for fashion, quotes that inspired me, places I want to go.

 I always felt that  my orginal Instagram account, which was followed by many of my high school peers, came with a set of rules. Never post two photos of your self in a row or else you will be view as self centered or self absorbed. If you attend a high school event you have to post a photo with one of the athletes or of you in the student section. Do not post everyday, you will be viewed as a try hard. I felt like I could not be my genuine self on a platform that was intended to be an outlet for creativity. 

So I made a new account where I could express myself creatively without feeling judged or annoying. I advertised my orginal account on this blog a while back, but I no longer use that account so I figured I might as well update you. 

The username is samanthatelarana, the telarana came from my second year Spanish teacher, he always called me that because it is web in Spanish. I hope you enjoy my new account and maybe even follow it. 

Have an amazing day. Check back tomorrow for a new post! xSamantha 


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