Makeup To Try In 2017

By Samantha Webb. 

Going into 2017 I made a pack with myself that I would try and branch out my typical style, going for bold eyeshadow looks or styling two statement pieces in one outfit. I am slowly working working new styles into my outfits, and now I think it is time to change up my makeup. Below are some photos that might help you add bold color or statement pieces into your makeup! 

Bold Eyeshadow.

I am obsessed with this look, it brings the simplest pop to your eyes. For everyday wear, I would not necessarily go as bold as this photo but a simple blue liner or eyeshadow mixed in with a natural look would be perfect! This look also isn’t limited to only blue, you could also add green, purple, red to bring out your eyes.

Glossy Lips.

The one makeup item I wore in the early 2000’s is coming back and I think I’m ready for it. Glossy lips are often a hit or miss, some people love glossy lips, and some people hate glossy lips. I personally like the look of glossed lips but find it extremely hard to pull off, this should be a difficult yet fun challenge for 2017. 

Statement Crease.  

On a day to day basis I wear the natural look, a soft brown in the crease and highlighter in the inercorners. Adding this simply line of gold will not only enhance your eye shape,  but it will make your eyes pop if you have green 

Bold Eyeliner.

A winged eyeliner look might be apart of your daily routine already, but it is absent in mine. My eye shape is weird and eyeliner tends to make my eyes look small, but to be fair the last time I attempted to apply eyeliner was in eighth grade. I hope that this year I can find the perfect eyeliner for my eyes! 

Glossy Lids.

This look is very interesting, I am not sure how exactly you would create this look, is it a certain eyeshadow or is it lighting? Either way I think glossy eyeshadow would be very cute and unquie! I am going to do some research on this look and hopefully upload a blogpost on this soon. 

Dazzling Brow.

This is perfect for school events or events that are costumed themed! This will really make you stand out and draw attention to your eyes and makeup. 

Makeup should express who you are, be bold and try new look today! 

I hope you have an amazing day! Check back tomorrow for a new post. xSamantha 


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