How to Style: Fur Coats 

By, Samantha Webb

Big fluffy fur coats have been all the rage this winter, not only do they keep you warm in the cold, they also add a statement to any outfit you are wearing. Fur coats can be hard to style but not impossible. 

Try wearing a fur coat with a unquie wrap around your waist, kind of like a belt. 

Black skinny jeans and biker boots will add a edgy vibe to any fur coat. 

The all black outfit will let your fur coat rule the moment, the white fur coat makes a angel like affect. 

A band tee and blue skinnies tones down the fur coat, a perfect outfit to wear while running errands. 

White canvas shoes and a pink fur coat is a perfect match for any high school student looking to own the hallways. Not only will you look cool af, you will also stay warm in those chilly classrooms (aka the science classrooms). 

A wool brim hat and a graphic tee makes this the perfect outfit for hitting up your favorite store. 

I hope you this post gave you some inspiration. I do not advise you to buy real fur coats due to the pain of animals, but do not worry, faux fur is just as cute and warm! 

Have an amazing day and check back tomorrow for another post! xSamantha 


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