Anxiety: My Experience and Tips! 

By, Samantha Webb. 

My first experience with anxiety was in elementary school, I had social anxiety which was where I had a huge fear of social interaction to the point where it would send me into panic attacks, or cause me to avoid social situations or dwell on awkward things I did for longer than necessary, I usually had one really close friend and distanced myself from others due to my social anxiety. Luckily as I got older and transitioned from middle school to high school, my social anxiety decreased drastically. But soon enough I was experiencing anxiety in most situations.       High school can be very difficult and cause a lot of stress on students, anxiety is very common among students at my school. Anxiety is a feeling of worry, or nervousness towards an event with an unknown outcome. Tests, performances, and English papers can often cause anxiety for me. 

      How do I cope with my anxiety? There are several things but I think the most important is distraction. Distraction can be a TV show that captures your full attention, or a playlist filled with songs that you can’t help but dance and sing along to, or a book that leaves you speechless. Keeping your mind off of the event you are worried for is a temporary. 

      I have heard of people journaling to help their anxiety, personally this does not work for me because it keeps my mind on the topic but it could work for you. 

      Exercising is also a great anxiety remedy, not only is it keeping your mind focused on the activity you are doing and off the situation you are feeling anxious over, but it is great for your body and will make you feel great in general. 

     Overall anxiety can be tricky to work with, and often times really reflects onto your life. It is important to try and deal with your anxiety to the best of your capabilities. I recommend going to a therapist if talking out your problems tends to help clear your mind. 

      I would also like to comment on my descriptions of both anxiety and social anxiety, both are very personal and often times have different descriptions and scenarios depending on each person. I wanted to provide a broad description and scenario so more people could connect with this and could receive help with anxiety.
Have an amazing day and check back tomorrow for another post! xSamantha 


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