The Best Makeup Products 

By, Samantha Webb. 

*Products are linked under each photo 

I have been doing my makeup for quite some time now, and throughout the years I have found holy grail products that never leave my makeup collection. I always think it is helpful when makeup lovers share their favorite products with others. 

It Cosmetics CC cream is worth the try no matter your skin type, it is filled beneficial ingredients such as sunscreen and anti aging serums. (Your Skin But Better, $38)

Before applying foundation it is always smart to apply at primer in order for your makeup to stay fresh all day long. Primers can be a hit or miss a lot of the time, sometimes it seems as if they have no beneficial factors. It is important to find a primer that truly works, luckily I have found the best primer out there and it is affordable! It is the    , but be aware that this is for normal to oily skin, I do not recommend this primer to those with super dry skin. (Magic Perfecting Base, $9.87) 

Clinique has shocked me with their mascara collection, and so many people do not give it the love it deserves. So many popular makeup artist leave Clinique in the dirt, which is a shame.Clinque is a really good brand and often times has products that won’t break out your skin! My favorite mascara is from Clinique, I can’t leave the house without it! (Lash Doubling Mascara, $17.50)

Hoola Bronzer by Benefit Comestics will give you the perfect sun kissed look. My makeup look is never complete without my trusty bronzer. All I have to say is this bronzer is truly a staple product and you should definitely consider purchasing it. (Hoola Bronzer $29)

Kylie Jenner shocked everyone when she came out with a Cosmetics line in late 2015, her products sold out instantly due to her social media following. But throughout the months her products did not die down like most celebrity collections, her cosmetics line continued to sell out not due to her fame, but due to the quality. I managed to snatch up a few lipkits in early 2016, and I was blown away with the results. Kylies lipkit in Koko K is my go to lip in every situation. (Matte liquid lipstick and lip liner in Koko K, $29) 

Have an amazing day and check back tomorrow for another post! xSamantha. 


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