Trend Alert: Lepoard Print 

By, Samantha Webb.

As I am scrolling through my Pinterest feed, I can not help but to notice a print splashed onto every image I see; leopard print. 

Later in the day, I see a photo on Twitter of model, Kendall Jenner, on New Years Eve wearing a silk lepoard print jacket. For the first time since second grade, I was not disgusted by the animal print boldly observed in every photo, I enjoyed it.  

Although I enjoy this trend, I am also fearful of it being overdone or becoming tacky. It is so easy to turn animal print ugly, match the wrong texture, or color and now you have a tragic outfit. 

What should you do if you want to rock this trend the right way? Try the minimalist look, stay safe with black over any bold colors such as green, red, or yellow. Remember less is more, instead of statement necklaces use a dainty gold or silver chain or choker. Be confident, you will never truly nail an outfit if you are uncomfortable and self conscious about the outfit you are wearing. Strut through the streets with your head held high and your lepoard print for all to see! 

If outfit inspiration for lepoard print is a struggle, you can always check social media sites such as Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram. I do often pin this style on Pinterest if you want to check that, username: samantha__webb.

Have an amazing day and check back tomorrow for another post! xSamantha. 


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