Who Might be Dropping an Album in 2017?

All of these are assumptions*

Ed Sheeran. 

With a new single dropping Friday it is highly likely that an amazing third album will be following shortly after, the name for the album has already been confirmed; divide. 


In 2016 Lorde was reportedly working on her second album and has recently agreed to perform at Coachella and the Governers Ball. I do not think she would show up to these events to perform songs from 2012, but you never know. Either way lorde is an amazing singer and I can not wait to see what is in store for her career next. 

Harry Styles 

The One Direction star has always been on the down low about solo projects, recently he finished filming “Dunkirk” which is suppose to release later this year. It is unusual for a boy band memeber to head straight into the movie business, but that really shows how different Styles is. He has reportedly worked on songs with Bruno Mars recently. I would keep an eye out for Harry Styles in 2017 

Taylor Swift 

Or T-Swizzle as I like to call her, has not released an album since 2014. Swift has been known to put a lot of time and effort into every song on an album, but many swifties, her fans, suspect another album to arrive soon. 

Selena Gomez 

This one might be a stretch, Selena has been through a lot in the past year surrounding her mental health. A third album could be possible, but I honestly think she’ll take a year to work on music that will inspire and strengthen her fans. I truly hope she has songs that focus in on mental health and recovery, which could possibly be benefitcal for fans going through the same thing, in her next album. 

Niall Horan 

Niall has not been shy when it comes to being in the studio recently. The one direction song had a single released in 2016 that soared the charts, its love story message, soft vocals, and uplifting tune connected with many listeners. I really hope for an album with songs similar to “This Town.” 


As a fan myself, I am truly excited to see what Halsey has instore for fans. She described the upcoming album as silver which gives off a chilling vibe. 

Twenty One Pilots 

Both members have been soaring the charts with their latest singles, their unique sound breaks away from the traditional pop radio while still staying connected to pop radio in some aspects. A third album is expected to be on the way soon, maybe 2017 or we might have to wait until 2018, either way it will be filled with plenty of hits! 


The members of 5SOS have confirmed writing new songs, they switched up their song style with their last album and could possibly do the same thing with the next. 
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