What Trends We Might See In 2017.

By, Samantha Webb.

Fur Jackets Galore.

As seen on recent runways, fur jackets are a great statement piece to any look. Not only can you buy them in crazy colors, but it will also keep you warm in the harsh winter months. 

Lipgloss Over Matte Lips.

Dewy skin was a starting trend in 2016, but matte lips don’t always mix well with this trend. Break out your lip glosses for that perfect dewy look! 

The Natural Makeup Look.

This look is not necessarily wearing less makeup, it’s blending your eyebrows out or having a softer contour. The natural look is a great makeup idea for any occasion.

Fish Net Accessories.

This is not just fish net tights, this is fish net crew socks or fishnet underwear. Fish net gives your outfit more of a sporty/casual vibe while still being stylish. 

Trendy Floral Prints.

Floral is a very tough design to incorporate into your everyday look without making it tacky, but recently designers have taken the challenge head on and created trendy floral prints that anyone can rock. 


I have mentioned this before, but I think skincare is going to be huge in 2017. More people will start investing their time and money into skincare and products. 

Self love.

Everyone should love themselves for who they are, flaws and all. Self love has been blasted all over social media cites such as twitter these past few years, I expect more self love posts then ever before will be seen in 2017. 

Animals faces on backs of jackets.

This trend has already made its way to several common stores such as forever 21. Once again it is an amazing statement piece and will definitely have people doing a double take as you pass them on the street. 

Bras with brand labels visible.

This has been seen in the past with Calvin Klein bras, but now more brands are starting to make similar bras  and celebrities have no problem showing it off.

Sheer Everything.

Sheer is great for nights out on the town or just hanging around with your friends, it adds a layer to your clothing while still being sexy. Although sheer tops can be hard to pull off, sheer socks are also on the rise and look great with almost any outfit.

Velvet High Rise Boots.

Say goodbye to boring black boots and hello to vibrant velvet boots! This look is so easy to pull off and you can buy this style of boot at almost any store.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2017! Make sure to check back tomorrow for a new post. X Samantha.


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