Current Skin Care Routine!! +Tips

For most of my life I have struggled with acne in multiple ways. In third grade my mom noticed red acne bumps all over my arms, treatment after treatment nothing worked. I also have rosacea which has caused myself a lot of insecurity. Still to this day I have tiny scars from acne even though I never pick or pop pimples. Acne usually spreads across my forehead or chin, it is usually very noticeable and red. My pimples last for a really long time, I have had the same pimple on my face for 6 months before, luckily I do not have severe acne. I get acne during my period or when I am really stressed out. Over the years I have discovered key products that make up my skincare routine, each one of these products have had a positive impact on my face.

Currently, I have dry, patchy, sensitive skin making it very hard for me to find products that do not irritate my skin and actually get rid of my acne. I have tried product after product searching for the perfect remedy for my acne.

To remove makeup, I use coconut oil and cotton pads, it is not only a natural way to remove makeup but it also hydrates dry skin. Costco has big jars of coconut oil for a cheaper price than you can find at a drug store, I recommend using unrefined coconut oil.

I wash my face with Burt’s Bees deep cleaning face wash, making sure to focus on areas where I might be currently breaking out. I then use a rose water spray, which you can find at any drug store in the organic section, to act as a toner. Rose water tends to reduce redness in my face.

I then take Vaseline with a clean mascara wand and run that through my eyebrows. Recently my eyelash curler broke while I was in the middle of curling my lashes which resulted in a couple of my eyelashes being chopped off. Since that happened, I have been  testing out different eyelash growth techniques. I plan to make a post about the process and results . I also put Vaseline on my eyebrows to double check the hair growth.

To combat my dry skin I use Pond’s Dry Skin Cream. My skin can be really tricky when it comes to moisturizers, if I use too much I will break out. Less is more is my go to saying when it comes to skincare, I recommend starting with a small amount of product and adding more as needed. Pond’s is an affordable drugstore brand, so far this is the best moisturizer I have found for dry skin in the drug store. My holy grail moisturizer is the benefit one, not only does it reduce dryness but it also reduced acne in my skin.  

I finish off my skincare routine with lip care, applying Nivea chap stick to smooth out my lips. I used to never apply lip balm or lip scrubs, my lips look horrendous. One day I started noticing how unattractive it is to have dry shriveled up lips, ever since then I have applied chap stick religiously and used a lip scrub once a week. The lip scrub I use is from Lush, all of their lip scrubs are natural and cruelty free.

Every Sunday I use a face mask to relax my skin. The best face mask I have found is the Mask of Magnanimity by lush, it is great for combating acne. This face mask does dry out skin but it is worth it. Acne does not stand a chance against this face mask, it clears most of my acne within a couple of days. Out of all the items mentioned in this post I recommend this one the most. Buy this mask!

For acne scars I recommend rose hip seed oil, it clears away most acne scars within two weeks. When using this product be careful, only a small amount of oil is needed. If a large amount of oil is used, it will end up stripping the face of its natural oils resulting in the possibility of more acne. Spread the oil across your face, make sure to focus on scars or current acne.

As for body acne I do not have an exact cure, just tips to make it better. The first tip is to drink a ton of water, this goes for all types of acne, water will bring moisture to your skin and most of the time body acne is caused by dry skin. The other tip is to use a deep cleansing face wash when in the shower to help reduce some of the acne. The final tip is to moisturize! Use lotions, oils, anything with moisturizing properties. Jergens Lotion has given me the best results and has cleared up a lot of the acne on my arms.

I advise you to not reach for items that contain fragrance of any sort, most of the time that will cause a breakout. When companies mix scents into their face washes they are adding more chemicals that could potentially hurt your skin.

Remember healing takes time, do not expect acne to go away overnight. It will take months to truly revive skin but the end result will be worth it! I would like to remind you that this is my personal acne experience, everyone has different skin some things will work for certain people but not work for others. Experiment with different cleansers, treatments, and moisturizers. If available go see a dermatologist, they can point people in the right direction when it comes to skincare and really help. I hope this post helped you out in one way or another.

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