Homecoming Makeup 2016

I start off with L’Oreal Paris Magic Perfecting Base as my primer. I use this to get rid of any oil on my face. This also keeps my makeup lasting all night.

I then take my it Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ illumination. I dot this cream all over my face then blend it in with my beauty blender.
tumblr_og1lxuQVna1ri93m9o1_540.pngI personally think beauty blenders do the best job when it comes to blending in your foundation.

I don’t use concealer in this look, but I do love the Maybelline Fit Me concealer. At this point I want to Photogenic Finishing Powder. This is the best drugstore translucent powder I’ve found and I’m obsessed with it. I pictured a bronzed look in my head when imagining this makeup so next I took my Contour Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I like to take all the bottom shades and lightly swirl my brush in them and then lightly fan it around the frame of my face. I’ve noticed this creates definition in my forehead and along my jaw so I no longer have to contour there. Cheekbones are everything to me so I like to take my hoola bronzer by benefit, I know this is suppose to be for bronzer but it works better as a contour, I take my angled brush and run it along my cheekbones making sure it blend it in really well so you can’t see any lines. I then take my Becca Highlighter in Moonstones and dust that above my cheekbones but not directly under my eyes, I apply two layers because I really want a glow. I do notice that the highlighter can’t really be seen in the photo above but the lighting wasn’t good and my hair was covering where the highlighter would be. I also put highlighter down my nose and in the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them. I’m not a big fan of intense eye shadow so I just take my hoola bronzer and put that in my crease and blend it out. I sadly can’t remember what brand my eyelashes were but I recommend keeping it natural, unless you’re really feeling dramatic eyelashes. I blend my fake lashes and my real lashes using the roller lash mascara by Benefit. I have naturally good eyebrows but I fill in the spare sections of my eyebrows with Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow powder. The lipstick I used was a liquid matte lipstick by NYX cosmetics. I don’t remember the exact name but I will link all products down below. I then took my highlighter and put it on my Cupid’s bow and took my bronzer and put it under my bottom lip to define it. MAKE SURE TO BLEND. Blending is key when it comes to makeup and I can not stress how important it is to blend out your makeup.


Primer- http://www.ulta.com/studio-secrets-professional-secret-no1-magic-perfecting-base?productId=xlsImpprod1980035

Foundation- http://www.ulta.com/cc-cream-illumination-spf-50?productId=xlsImpprod12251079

Setting powder- http://www.ulta.com/studio-finishing-powder-translucent-finish?productId=xlsImpprod5050061

Contour kit- http://www.ulta.com/contour-kit?productId=xlsImpprod11571030

Bronzer- http://www.ulta.com/hoola-matte-bronzer?productId=xlsImpprod820346

Highlighter- http://www.ulta.com/shimmering-skin-perfector-pressed?productId=xlsImpprod10921068

Mascara- http://www.ulta.com/roller-lash-super-curling-lifting-mascara?productId=xlsImpprod11951085

Eyelashes (I found them!!)- http://www.ulta.com/studio-effects-lash-110?productId=xlsImpprod13671111

Eyebrows- http://www.ulta.com/brow-wiz-pencil?productId=xlsImpprod840088

Lipstick-  http://www.ulta.com/soft-matte-lip-cream?productId=xlsImpprod3020045


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